Spring 2024: Geometric Representation Theory I

OH: Mon. 4pm-5pm; Thu. 3pm-4pm. Location: my office
No OH on Thursday, Apr. 25
The next assignment (covering Lecture 6&7) is due on Apr. 29

Lecture 1: Semisimple Lie Algebras Notes
Lecture 2: Verma Modules and Category O Notes
Lecture 3: Algebraic Groups Notes
Lecture 4: Blocks and Harish-Chandra Isomorphism Notes
Lecture 5: Proof of Harish-Chandra Isomorphism Notes
Lecture 6: More on Spec(Z(g)); Finite Length Notes
Lecture 7: Verma--BGG theorem Notes
Lecture 8: Kazhdan--Lusztig conjecture; Duality; Projectives Notes
Lecture 9: BGG reciprocity; Translation functors Notes

Homework solutions by 戴文晗(WenHan Dai):
Homework 1
Homework 2
Homework 3